DO IT 4 RICKY THE MIXTAPE (Ricky Tha Rapper & Various Artist)

  1. Going Hard Ricky Tha Rapper 4:39
  2. Cool Shit Feat. Saint Monclair Ricky Tha Rapper/Saint Monclair 2:51
  3. Ah Foo Feat. Bubba Mac Ricky Tha Rapper/Bubba Mac 3:30
  4. Sit Back Feat. Yung X’clusive Ricky Tha Rapper/Yung X'clusive 4:12
  5. Other Side Feat. Narkiss Saint Montclair Freegame Vain Ricky Tha Rapper/Narkiss/Saint Monclair/Vain Freegame 4:02
  6. Get Ya Money Feat. JJuice & Ray Rizzle Ricky Tha Rapper 4:54
  7. Real Quick Feat. Young’n B.O.D. ESHA Freegame Vain Ricky Tha Rapper 5:10
  8. Feel Good Feat. Spaceship Ohayses Ricky Tha Rapper 3:56
  9. Ass & Titties Feat. Southside Daze Ricky Tha Rapper 2:58
  10. Run It Feat. CFG Ricky Tha Rapper 3:37
  11. Above Water Feat. Duece Freight & Ray Will Ricky Tha Rapper 4:39


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